Little Gray Cat

Little gray cat
longtime companion
what do you see
with those glowing eyes
green unblinking eyes?
You focus beyond my ken
on I know not what
mysterious being,
seeing what I do not.
Little gray cat
nine years by my side
what do you see
when your eyes meet mine
Do you look deep within me?
Do you see my true self
my loves, my sorrows,
my every hope and fear
or do you just see an old woman
with food?


A Tree is Down

A tree is down, one of many
Brought low by the wind’s strong tide
Sad the thought of the birds
Never more to perch or nest
On those sheltering limbs;
The squirrels’ playground gone;
So too the guardhouse for the owl
Who monitors the small beings
Passing among the tree’s roots.
Think rather that the tree on the hearth
Will release stored sunshine
To warm a child;
He will gaze into the flames
He will imagine the birds
And squirrels, as his thoughts
Fly afar.

Center of My Universe

Infinity. Eternity.
concepts eerie, frightening.
How can they have
no beginning, no end?
Instead I turn the telescope
around, look through the
other end.There I see a universe
of which I am the center,
experiences and challenges
tailored to my needs, designed to last
exactly as long as I do.

Valentine’s Day at School

They came to school that morning
Smiling, greeting friends
Wondering if there would be
Much homework that night
There was a good movie on TV.
That night never came for some,
Deprived of the movie, of the
Basketball game next Friday,
Of graduation, of life’s fulfillment—
Betrayed by one of their own
Who took a wrong turn, with
No one to put him right.


This poem is the beginning of a saga that will continue as it comes to me.
When I know what it is about, I will give it a final title..


There was a time when
time was not, nor did daybreak
ever come to skies

brightened only by
a star or two. Then a flare
Blazed up, burnt away

From remaining ash
A mist arose, spun and shaped
A peopled Cloudworld.

A spark became Sun
A cool ash spun into Moon
Lo! a Universe

Sir Sun claimed the East
whence he would appear each morn
and he called it Dawn.

He gave Lady Moon
A paler light for her own
’Twas a generous act.

A Man and a Woman

A Man and a Woman


Two beings
rise from the past
still rooted.

Lit into life
by emotions.

Happy, sad

Now is lived
future not seen.
Beyond knowing.

Small sorrows
small joys
in the grand scheme.

Two beings
here and gone
in the grand scheme.