Looking in the mirror, I see a woman of a certain advanced age, not tall, a little overweight. Near the mirror stand photos, one of a husband whose story opened doors for me, and who died some years ago; and one of a group of four grown children. All four have distinguished themselves in the arts or sciences and have families of their own.

I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia; when I was a baby the family moved to Bloomington, Indiana. This is the place I call my home town. Somewhere in my files repose diplomas from University High School and from Indiana University. Some time after I married, we moved to the Syracuse, New York, area, where I added a certificate of librarianship to the document file. We also lived in Alexandria, Virginia, then in Silver Spring, Maryland, and in Lewes, Delaware, and now I am back in Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C.

All this has helped to make me who I am, whoever that may be. My stories, essays and poems here posted may reveal me to me, and I hope one or two will offer you entertainment, an occasional insight, or even inspiration.


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