Bare Walls

As I prepare to move, I am surrounded by boxes containing books, dishes and most of the odds and ends life holds.  Yesterday I watched as Kerrie and Sam took down and most creatively wrapped almost everything on the walls.  My role was to decide which art would go to my tiny new home and which into storage for an unspecified time..

Bare walls
once hung with
paintings, sketches
tapestries, now
reflect my glance
back to me;
doors once open
to other times
other places
now open only
in memory;
until I hang the art
on new, waiting
bare walls.


7 thoughts on “Bare Walls

  1. Bittersweet. The poem has a melancholy tone, but the image i have of you and Kerrie and Sam packing up the artwork is one of efficient practicality. I know how much you love your new home–and i bet those new walls aren’t bare any more!


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