It has been some time, to say the least, since I have posted here. My blogger self has been hibernating–and there is a word we take from animal behavior!

Animal words as metaphor, simile or idiom pop up everywhere. Here are a few I’ve noted lately.

White elephant; cat o’nine tails; loan shark; horse sense.

The lion’s share; a feather in your cap; dog in the manger.

Birdbrain; no more sense than God gave a goose.

Snake in the grass; busy as a bee; stubborn as a mule.

Calf (broken-off piece of an iceberg); Frog (design in braid on a jacket, often a buttonhole); Horsefeathers.

Chicken with its head cut off.

Derived from German: easel (Esel, donkey)

So many more, and often we are wrongly attributing a characteristic to the animal. Birds have the brains they need. Snakes are not mean or treacherous, but just going about their lives.