Food similes and metaphors

Ever since Homer’s “wine-dark sea”, and probably before, we have compared and described with food words.  Making a list of them was a “piece of cake”.  On the other hand, if we are in trouble we may say we are “in the soup”, “in a pickle” or “in a jam”.

Someone worried or fretting is “in a stew”.  People may be said to be “apple-cheeked” or “prune-faced”, and Santa has a nose “like a cherry”.

Cars are sometimes “lemons”.  At this time of year we try to keep as “warm as toast”.  Good to know  “which side our bread is buttered on”.

What was the “meat” of the discussion? Was there a comparison of “apples and oranges”?

If you have “too much on your plate” it may “drive you nuts”.   Money is “dough” or “bread”.  We do savor a “juicy bit of gossip” but if it’s nonsense we’ll say “Baloney!”  Or gossip may not be “our cup of tea”.

Affectionate names are”Honey” and “Sugar”.

I hope  your “cup runneth over” with good things in the coming year.