Named For Us

One morning, awake too early to get up, I began to think of the many words we use which derive from the words for body or clothing parts.

Clocks have hands and faces.  Jars have mouths, as do rivers.  We go from the foot of a hill to its brow, and pull onto the shoulder of the road.  Shoes have tongues.  Thread goes through the eye of a needle.

A bed has a head and a foot; so does a table.  These, and chairs, have legs.  Pliers have noses, hammers have heads and saws have teeth.  Plumbers may replace an elbow in a pipe.  Not quite so specific are the male and female connections in that pipe.

On a map we may see a head or neck of land.

Clothing gives us a car’s hood –or if we are British, a bonnet and a boot.  When we had records we put them in sleeves.  A beltway encircles a city.  Bottles have caps while books have jackets.  We may read of a pocket of resistance; we coat candy with chocolate.

I leave you with these, guessing that you’ll think of more!